An Ode to CCU survival..

Welcome to our CCU, 4th floor in the far left corner,

Meet me- the fellow, the enforcer and commissioner.

Our nurses here work hard, their hearts are warm and kind,

Our CCU clinical pharmacist is the best that one can find.

We have nitro for your chest pain and yes pepcid for GERD,

If you have family, do not forget your HIPAA password.

We will talk about your illness, but are up-to-date on football,

If you have an emergency, ‘Call, don’t fall’.

Our day in CCU starts early, we go over each fine detail,

Review all the day’s events, describe hair to toenail.

Family comes to visit, Uncle Paul and Aunt Maureen,

Press the CCU call button and ‘you can come on in’.

We wish you speedy recovery, breathe nice and deep,

Please pardon the beeping, the sounds won’t let you sleep.

Fellow will wake you early, examine if you allow,

Though clearly you are sleeping, ‘how is your chest pain now?’

The day goes by quick, tinker with your Lasix and Norepi,

Concerned attending called- ‘what was the repeat CVP?’

Doting nurses will spoil you, fellows will bring sunshine,

But do not get too comfy, they just called for a new central line.

We will arrange family meetings, discuss all true and honest,

When things are not going well, we will be your life-vest.

Physical therapy and spirometry, will keep you operate,

Eat and build your strength, ‘is that fried chicken on your plate??’

We will miss you sorely, when it is your time to leave,

You gave us fond memories, hope we gave you motive.

We wish you a healthy life and happiness overall,

If you ever need us, you know where to find us all.